About Me.

Lise Capet
Designer / Researcher / Web Accessibility specialist


Hands-on design research professional that makes things happen.
I have a track record of improving organizational efficiency through better design.
I’m passionate about education, healthcare, and inclusive technologies.

Combining expertise in inclusive technologies with a product designer sensibility, I am an expert in creating designs for seniors and users with disabilities.

I have a keen interest in sustainable design and design for social equity and focus most of my work on designs that improve the lives of users.

I also led numerous design workshops and training in India, Uganda, and Indonesia, with a focus on access to education and creating appropriate technology for humanitarian relief.


9 year of experience in Design for the creation of product, Websites or environments. I excel in the ideation and research phase of the design process. I also conducted international design workshop and used design thinking to help organizations define their goals.

Design Research

Using Design Research methods to create great products and to train staff and clients. I produce the research plan and define the scope, timeline, and goals to uncover user needs. I created a digital tool to organize research datasets, automate the creation of reports and turn qualitative into quantitative data.

Web Accessibility

6 Years of experience developing digital interfaces that work for people with disabilities. Proficiency in WCAG 2.0 and section 508 guidelines. Experience with assistive technology such as JAWS, NVDA, and VoiceOver. Designed and conducted Web accessibility training for organizations and universities.

User Experience

Application of the principle of Human-Centered design to create friendly and frustration-free user experiences. I specialize in Inclusive technologies and the creation of user experiences that work well for senior users and users with disabilities.

Work Experience



  • Adobe suite
  • SolidWorks
  • Autocad
  • NX6
  • 3DS max & V-ray


  • FileMaker Pro 14
  • Office suite
  • WordPress
  • ArcGIS


  • Winner Greener gadget competition Core 77 Magazine 2009
  • Winner FEBELCEM competition FEBELCEM – Cement industry 2006
  • Award winner TREMPLIN competition WCC-BF – World Crafts Council 2009
  • Packaging Competition Winner 3rd position – Procarton 2005
  • Light Design Award – Beneflux Competition 2004

Trainer and International Work

  • Uganda: Refugee-led Innovation for gender-based violence Workshop, 2016
  • Uganda: Co-founded and organized Rethink Relief Design Sumit in 2011, 2013, and 2014
  • Russia: Trainer on technologies for inclusive education,  2014
  • Indonesia: Design facilitator for Mars Creative Capacity Building (CCB) training, 2015
  • India: Trip leader for IAP project in Uttarakhand, 2013, 2014


Santos, ALR., Capet L.,Diehl, J.C. (2013). The value of collaborative design to address the challenges of the humanitarian sector. Access Publication
International Conference on Integration of Design, Engineering & Management for Innovation: Porto, Portugal. November 2013


Litterature Review: Understanding Sexual and Gender-based Violence against Refugees with a Communication Disability Access litterature review